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Section: News & Media

Local R2-20 Tells the Story of First Responders Facing COVID-19
IAEP Puts the Squeeze on Care Ambulance Amid Continued Cuts to Hours
Updated Timesheet Information March 29 - May 4
First Responder Breast Cancer Awareness Poker Run
National Police Week 2019
Proposed Bi-Partisan PTSD Bill Excludes EMS in CT
NAGE Demands to Bargain Over Fingerprinting at DOR
New Trial Court Salary Charts Available
Frank Valeri for State Retirement Board
Online Survey Results
Executive Orders Injunction Lifted
Election Notice: Contract Negotiation Bargaining Team
Union Helping Families in Need
IBPO Local 472 Mourns Loss of Sergeant
NAGE Successfully Advocates for Extended Use/Lose Time
GIC Webinars for August
Budget Update
Demand to Bargain Filed for Exec Branch
Biden Chooses VP Kamala Harris
Grievance Resolution Gives Rural Metro a Break
IAEP Local R3-150 and NAGE Charities Deliver Smiles in Southern PA
Local 95 Locks in Major Raises After COVID-19 Delays
IBPO Local 306 Tiverton police, unable to recover stolen bike, give boy new one
Michigan Gov. Enacts Emergency Rules Covering for Infected Front Line Workers
Biden to Unions
Woonsocket first responders give thanks
Reopening Advisory Committee
Congressman Neal Delivers for Working Families
Free COVID Testing Sites
NAGE for Kennedy
Newly Minted IAEP Local R12-370 Scores their First Labor Victory
Blood, Marrow and Tissue Donation Leave Time
NAGE Honors Juneteenth
NAGE Executive VP and Treasurer Jim Farley Visits Local R1-369
Friday's EMS Week Honoree: Local R12-209 of Tracy California!
NAGE Comments on PFMLA New Draft Regulations
A Top Step in the Right Direction
2020 NAGE Scholarship Winners
Executive Branch Negotiations Update
GIC Update
PFML Update for Executive Branch Members
Thursday's EMS Week Honoree: Local R5-092 of Sumter County, FL!
Care Ambulance Clashes With Management Amid Pandemic
Wednesday's EMS Week Honoree: Local R12-077 of Antelope Valley, CA!
Advocating for Resources, Not Defunding
Happy Labor Day
NAGE National President David Holway Delivers EMS Week Address
Tuesday's EMS Week Honoree: IAEP Local R2-020 of Yonkers, NY!
Union to the Rescue
Protesting Lack of Resources at VA Baltimore
Update for Exec Branch, Teleworking
SJC Update on Courthouse Operations
EMS Week Monday Honoree: IAEP Local R2-087 of Elizabeth, NJ!
NAGE Guidance for a Safe, Successful Return to the Workplace
Public Service Recognition Week
Nurses Week 2020
Bar Lowered for Proving COVID19 Exposure
32nd Annual Candlelight Vigil Held Virtually
We will never forget
NAGE Stewards Conference 2020
Alameda County Local 510 to Picket Falck A/S Cuts
Federal Action on FFCRA
Statement on Racial Justice
Salem EMS Locked in Negotiations Over Massive Wage Gap
Executive Orders, Injuntion Lifted
GIC Listening Sessions 2020 New Sessions Added!
IAEP Local 325 Responds to Active Shooter at Florida Naval Base
NAGE Endorses Democratic Nominee for President
Springfield Local Donates to Great Causes
GIC Employee Assistance Program
State Contract Negotiations Survey
Trial Court Extends Families First Act Benefits
Our Boston Marathon Finisher Is Going Back For Round Two!
2020 Training and Career Ladder Courses
Tone-Deaf Falck Contract Proposal in NorCal Sparks Outrage
2019 Shop with a Cop
Dedication of the Richard L. Barry, Jr. Law Library
Contract Trigger Met
Updated NAGE Enhanced Vacation Request
NAGE Supports the Locked Out Workers of National Grid
NAGE Local R3-05 Sponsors All Star Tournament
Local 207 Members Win DOR Outstanding Performance Citation
Comp Time Agreement Reached
NAGE Federal COVID-19 Response
Partial Comp Time Pay Down Update
NAGE Local R14-139 Raises the Standard in the Midwest
Congratulations to Trial Court Class 008
Help Make Workplace Bullying Illegal
Introducing New NAGE Benefit FASTtrack
Allied Health Scholarship Program
Unit A Granted Operational Enhancements
NAGE President Responds to Senator's Racism Comments
Unit A Contract Ratification
Nominations for NAGE National Officers
Workers in Missouri Win Big
NAGE President Responds to Senator's Racism Comments
IAEP New Haven Responds to 70 Overdoses in One Park
Paramedic Joins Lip Sync Battle for a Great Cause
Affected Veterans Affairs workers disagree with Trump view of VA changes
Big Win for NAGE Federal Employees
CT Marshals Credited for Saving Womans Life
Updated Guidance on Executive Orders
Springfield Local Mourns Loss of Crossing Guard
Victory for Local R7-551
Contract and Raise Update
2018 NAGE National By-laws and Resolutions
President Holway Responds to Federal Pay Raise Elimination
Wait-time trends are down at the MA RMV
Cali EMS Voices Opposition to Prop 11
Changing of the Guard for IAEP Local 152
Fundraiser for Local R3-07
California EMS to Rally Against Prop 11
Local 011 Reaches Contract Agreement with Delaware County
After 49 Year Career EMT Signs First Union Card
Vote NO on Cali Prop 11
Huge Win for Court Officers
Breaking: MA House and Senate Pass Budget
NAGE Local R3-07 Recognized as 'Unsung Heroes'
Bobbi Kaplan elected vice chair of the GIC
NAGE says Yes On 1
California EMS Needs Your Help
Union Aids Wildfire Victims
Two years running, IBPO gives Toys For Tots
NAGE Stands In Solidarity With Locked Out National Grid Workers
Contracts Available for Units 1, 3 and 6
2019 GIC Listening Sessions
NAGE Urges End to Government Shutdown
NAGE Urges Governor to Reconsider Better Pay
Heroic Jamestown officer gets national recognition for saving man from frigid waters
Livestream of DC Rally to Stop the Shutdown
NAGE Rallies to End Shutdown
BREAKING NEWS Federal Shutdown Temporarily Ended
Heroic Jamestown Officer Receiving National Attention
Commonwealth Agrees to Reimburse Counsels
NAGE and Union Coalition Demand Information from GIC Regarding Surplus Funds
IBPO Officer to carry torch at Special Olympics
IBPO Local 364 Supports Local Martial Arts Mentoring Program
NAGE Legislative Update
IBPO Officer to Carry Torch at Special Olympics
NAGE Local 1-200 Member Keeping the Community Warm This Winter
NAGE Demands Salary Enhancements Based on New Revenue Gains
House Ways and Means Committee Releases FY20 Budget Proposal
Local 533 Walks for First Responders Mental Health
Morale Boost for Atlanta Cops, Long-Promised Salary Increases Delivered
PFMLA Tax Update
Morrow County EMS Signs Historic Contract
Union Members Honor Breast Cancer Awareness Month
IAEP Member Honored for Years of Dedicated Service
IAEP Paramedic Finds Magic Solution for Pediatric Care
New Contract After Lengthy Negotiations
Support Stop and Shop, Don't Cross Picket Lines
PFML Update on ULPs
National EMS Week - Beyond the Call
Paramedics and EMTs Continue Contract Talks Amidst Safety Concerns
Local 458 Nominations
Scholarship Winners Announced
A Vote for Labor Unions in MA
NAGE Meets with Secretary of ANF Regarding MGL c. 175 PFLMA
MA House Passes HB3825
IAEP Members Commended for Response to Accident
Ohio EMS Supports PTSD Workers Comp Change
Court Officers Receive High Honors at MPTC Ceremony
Amended National Bylaws
MA Senate Passes SB 2273
NAGE Responds to HB2120 on Body Worn Cameras
MassDOT Helps in MA Tornado Aftermath
Message to Baker, Close the RMVs
Paramedic Leo Murphy Authors Book on Life in EMS
Springfield Police Officer Lost in Drowning Incident
IAEP Grieves Loss of Knoxville Paramedic
NAGE Responds to Warrens Law Enforcement Comments
Union Blasts RMV Auditors
IAEP Mourns Ohio Paramedic
MA IBPO Training Conference
New Contract for Bellwood Fire/PSI
Local 87 Stands in Solidarity with FDNY EMS
Happy Labor Day 2019
Freedom From Workplace Bullying Event
Coventry Police Officer Rescues 96 Year Old Woman from Fire
Okaloosa EMS Joins IAEP Labor Day Weekend
NAGE Calls on Governor to Halt Tax Plan for Leave Program
Paid Leave Law Talks Expose Rift Between Union, Baker
House Override of Janus Bill Veto
Court Officers Show Support at Puerto Rican Parade
Officer Zygaj Named Supervisor of the Year
Senate and House Override Janus Bill Veto
Low Pay for EMS Workers in National Spotlight
NAGE Calls on Employers to Cover PFMLA Costs
IBPO Responds to Reading Select Board Members Comment
'Man of the People,' Jack Donegan, Remembered
Union and Members Succeed in Closing Unsafe Courthouse
2019 IAEP Member of the Year
Local R1-121 Give Toys for Tots
2019 Stewards Conference
Leaders Sign Janus Bill
Oahu EMTs Respond to Active Shooter, Arson
NAGE Partners with Planet Fitness
Springfield Local Donates to Great Causes
NAGE Responds to Bridgeport Shooting
Federal Representation Forms
NAGE requests alternatives for GIC Health Fairs
CT Labor Puts PTSD Bill to Vote
COVID-19 Testing For Core/Essential Employees
Rest in Peace to NJFMBA Firefighter Tolentino
NAGE Offers Gov Baker Coronavirus Prevention Assistance
Update: GIC Open Enrollment Extended
GIC Healthcare FY21 Premiums Announced
NAGE Offers Admin Williams coronavirus prevention assistance
NAGE offers Secretary Pollack coronavirus prevention assistance
IAEP Local 20 Demonstrates the EMS Response to COVID-19
Morrow County Dispatchers Join Uncontested
Update: NAGE Responds to State of Emergency
GIC Resources for COVID-19
BREAKING: Non-essentials do not report
SJC Issues COVID-19 Orders
MA Courts Closing Monday and Tuesday
State COVID-19 Update
Update: Time Reporting Guidance for Executive Branch
Message from President Holway during COVID-19 crisis
Tell Your Officials That EMS Matters!
New SJC Order
COVID-19 Legislation for Front Line Workers
United Way COVID-19 Family Fund
RMV workers union calls for agency to shutter all branches
Colonial Life Call Center for NAGE Members
Unfair Labor Practice Charges Filed Against Care Ambulance of California
Message to State Members during COVID-19 Crisis
MA Legislative Update
Thank you
Core Personnel who are High Risk
Resources for Emergency Childcare
MSNBC interview with IAEP member during COVID19 crisis
Governor Orders Non-Essential Workers Telework until May 4
Families First Coronavirus Response Act
Unions Warn of Negligence Over Judicial Working Conditions
HRD Guidance on Face Coverings
Vote for NAGE Representatives to the DNC
MA State Members, Submit Your Testimony
National Rep. Frank Wagner Shines a Light on EMS Pros Living Through COVID-19
Local R1-095 President Bryan Urato Speaks on FEMA Field Hospital COVID-19 Response