Apr 07, 2022

Update: Springfield Ireland Courthouse

Update: After receiving an unsatisfactory response from Chief Justice Locke and Court Administrator Bello, NAGE President Holway has written yet again to implore the Trial Court to do the right thing and remove our members from the unsafe work environment of the Springfield Courthouse.

Letter to Locke and Bello 4.7.22

April 5, 2022

Yesterday, April 4, 2022, NAGE filed its amicus curiae brief in support of the ongoing litigation concerning the Springfield Courthouse.

In the brief, linked below, NAGE argues that the Court should recognize that the Defendants (Trial Court Administration) have a legal responsibility to operate and maintain the air supply in the courthouse in a manner that minimizes the adverse health effects on the employees who work there.

The first trial date in this matter is scheduled for later this month. NAGE’s participation in this lawsuit is part of NAGE’s ongoing efforts to ensure that our Trial Court members work in a safe and healthy workplace that fosters dignity and respect.
Full-test Amicus Brief 
March 22, 2022
Yesterday, March 21, 2022, the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court for Suffolk County (SJC) recognized NAGE's interest in protecting the health and safety of our members at the Ireland Courthouse Complex in Springfield, MA. The SJC granted NAGE the right to file an amicus curiae brief and participate in the upcoming legal proceedings scheduled for April and June 2022.

NAGE's insight and efforts will assist the SJC in understanding the dire circumstances faced by our members and the urgent need to take whatever actions are necessary to protect their well-being. NAGE's efforts in these proceedings are part of a multi-faceted approach to ensure our Ireland Courthouse members' voices are heard.
MArch 17, 2022
Yesterday afternoon, NAGE filed a Motion to Intervene with the MA Supreme Judicial Court, to ensure that the best interests of our members at the Ireland Courthouse Complex are being represented. The full-text of the motion can be found linked below and on the NAGE website. 

No matter the outcome of the motion, NAGE is doing everything in our power to have a voice in the resolution of this matter. Our members, and the public who utilize the facility, all deserve a healthy and safe Courthouse. 

NAGE has also contacted Attorney General Maura Healey, to request that she step in and support the members of NAGE, and all employees, being exposed to the Courthouse. The letter to AG Healey can be found below. 

Letter to Healey 3.16.22
Memorandum - Motion to Intervene 

March 14, 2022

Dear NAGE member,

We would like to update you in regards to the ongoing Ireland Courthouse Complex matter. 

As you know, NAGE President David J. Holway sent a letter to Chief Justice Locke and Court Administrator Bello last week, demanding that members at the Ireland Courthouse Complex be reassigned immediately. NAGE has yet to receive a response but expects one shortly. You may find a copy of President Holway's letter below.

NAGE filed a unfair labor practice (ULP) regarding the Ireland Courthouse several months ago, regarding the health and safety of our members. The hearing for the ULP is scheduled for September 2022. 

The NAGE legal team is exploring further legal options if the Trial Court does not remove our members from the Ireland Court Complex.  
March 8, 2022

Dear NAGE Member:

NAGE has written to Chief Justice Locke and Court Administrator Bello, demanding that members be immediately reassigned from the Hampden County Courthouse, due to health and safety concerns. You can find the full letter below. 

We will keep you updated on any response we receive. 

Letter 3.8.2022

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