Apr 01, 2021

First Female EMT of Minnesota, Rose Pelzel Retires

IAEP Local 799 member Rose Marie Pelzel announced her transition into retirement this month after almost 50 years as an EMS professional in Minnesota. Hired first by Divine Redeemer Ambulance Service in 1972, Pelzel became a trailblazer in what would evolve into one of the most demanding and critical professions in America today.

Over the years, Pelzel would come to work for many EMS providers under many different titles ranging from supervisor to flight medic to field training officer and beyond. Her contributions to the state of Minnesota could easily be measured in hundreds or thousands of lives saved and countless families reunited but Pelzel thinks otherwise, “I believe my biggest contribution to EMS has been educating and training new people…instilling good technical skills, professionalism and a sense of ownership for the good work we do and the patients we care for.”

Pelzel also received the American Ambulance Association’s National Star of Life award in 2019 for her record setting length of service and contributions as a member of then HealthEast Medical Transport. After an awarded and lengthy career in EMS, Pelzel continues to extol the virtues of positivity for upcoming colleagues

“Although this field looks and feels exciting (and, it can be) - know that this profession exacts a heavy toll. You can prepare for this as much as possible by seeking ways to maintain healthy balances but if you get to the point of being overwhelmed, it's OK!!! We are humans first and we react as humans before we react as professionals at times. It's normal! So please seek help and good to yourself!"

The entire IAEP and NAGE family wishes Rose well as she embarks on post-EMS life to garden, travel and find new ways to help people heal.

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Rose Pelzel Receives AAA Ntl. Star of Life Award, 2019
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