Mar 03, 2020

Morrow County Dispatchers Join Uncontested

(Morrow County, OH) On the back of a monumental contract negotiation for Morrow EMS this past December, and the honors awarded to its personnel for their part in the rescue of Ohio State Trooper Jason Phillips, Morrow dispatchers are taking their turn in the headlines. After a very brief negotiation, the need for a vote was waived by providers and the eight-member dispatch division was unanimously added to the IAEP ranks.

The landmark December contract ratified by Morrow EMS with the help of IAEP negotiators included a health care plan and 401k plan for the first time in the forty-six-year history of the organization. Due in part to the passage of local levies, this contract clearly outlines the commitment of the county to its emergency services personnel. Now with the annexation of dispatchers it moves that much closer to comprehensive EMS coverage.

In the last calendar year, the 911 unit received over 4,600 calls according to R7-059 Local President Adam Van Duzen, a ten-year Morrow veteran who now proudly represents the dispatchers in addition to his EMT, A-EMT and paramedic colleagues. Of the bloodless addendum Van Duzen said “I believe it will definitely make our local stronger as a whole. Improving the quality of life, both personally and professionally for our peers in the 911 call center can only benefit the entirety of Morrow EMS.

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