Jan 01, 2023

Trial Court Local R1-806, Assistant Chief Court Officers

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Trial Court Local R1-806 By-laws

Jan 25, 2023
Letter to ACCOs from President Sorrenti
Below you will find a letter from Local President Michael Sorrenti to the ACCO members of Local 806. A PDF of the letter can also be found below. 

MACO Local 806 Members,
I would like to welcome all of you to our new Assistant Chief Court Officer’s local, MACO Local 806. My name is Assistant Chief Court Officer Michael Sorrenti, the President for Local 806. I am writing to introduce myself, provide you with my personal contact information, inform you of current changes that recently occurred and to provide you with some input on moving forward as a new ACCO Local.
For those of you that may not know me or do not know my employment background with the Trial Court, I think it is very important to provide you with some background information. I have been employed with the Trial Court as a Court Officer for a total of twenty-four and half years and an Assistant Chief Court Officer in Lynn Juvenile/District court for nineteen and half years. In July of 2016, I was elected as a Union Official for Local 458 and in 2019, I was elected as President and served for over three years. Throughout that time, I have learned many things, fought for many members, and devoted my time to represent the body as a whole, which included all ACCO’s, CO’s and ACO’s.
As you may know, more recently, Assistant Chief Court Officers have separated from Local 458 and developed a new Local under NAGE/SEIU 5000, Local 806. This change happened very quickly and became official as of January 5, 2023. The decision to separate from the other members (CO’s and ACO’s), was difficult and not taken carelessly. However, after reviewing the NAGE survey results that concluded in September 2022 and speaking with many Assistant Chief Court Officers it became apparent that this change is more beneficial and the best avenue for Assistant Chiefs moving forward.
As ACCO’s, we did have a voice at the table during Labor Management and Negotiations meetings and made strides in improving the pay scale, increasing our responsibilities as supervisors and other benefits. However, as a Local Executive Board of approximately fifteen members that consisted of two ACCO’s, eleven CO’s, and two ACO’s, we, as a group had to determine the priorities and needs to address for the body as a whole.
This change gives us a chance to strengthen our position and have a stronger voice at the table. We will focus and prioritize the needs and wants of Assistant Chiefs and our quality of life. It is my belief, as well as many other ACCO’s, that this will ultimately benefit us moving forward to be recognized and appreciated as a select group of supervisors. It will provide us the opportunity to formulate goals and present important proposals that are designated and depict the essential necessities of ACCO’s. This change presents the future prospect to affect positive change for ACCO’s by eliminating unnecessary noise that may have occurred in the past.
WE can now be the deciding factor of what is best for OUR Local.
To improve our communication as a group moving forward, I would kindly ask that each of you provide me an email address and phone number. I look forward to working with and representing each and every one of you. To the right, you will find my contact information as well as our Local 806 Executive Board members contact information. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me.

PDF of President Sorrenti's Letter to the Membership
Jan 18, 2023
Comp Time Pay Down
The Trial Court has informed the Union that the collectively bargained, semi-annual Comp Time pay down compensation should be reflected in pay checks dated February 3, 2023.
Jan 11, 2023
Union Sends Trial Court Notice to Commence Bargaining
Earlier this week, NAGE sent a formal notice to the Trial Court to commence bargaining for a new contract. The current collective bargaining agreement expires June 30, 2023.

Local Executive Boards will be meeting to develop proposals over the next several weeks.

NAGE will keep you updated as the process evolves.

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