May 20, 2020

Wednesday's EMS Week Honoree: Local R12-077 of Antelope Valley, CA!

Jumping over to the West Coast today, just as our locals in hot spots like New York and New Jersey have faced their share of trials in the last few weeks, so too have the hard working EMS professionals of Local R12-077 in Southern California. Fighting warmer climates in full PPE, a confused and fearful populace, as well as an ever changing landscape of CDC guidelines is nothing short of mind boggling. There is no quit in California and there is no quit in the men and women of Local 77. We wish the steadfast members of the local a happy EMS week and hope that you will all join us in celebrating these heroes!

A message from IAEP National Representative for R12-077 Shelly Hudelson:

        Over the last weeks we have seen a time we hoped would never come in our lifetime. An unknown pandemic that is still on the horizon with unknown answers. Yet, all of you stood ready for anything that may come your way or may come in the future. You have always worked as a team with professionalism and pride. Your area is large and vastly different from station to station but you always seem to strike a balance within your EMS co-workers/family. This shows in your unity and integrity from each and everyone of you. Not only do you show unity and professionalism daily but your local board also works tirelessly to help with the complicated political EMS agenda in California and continues to contribute by keeping you well informed.   
I am honored and blessed to call myself your representative. You are a becon of Union Pride and I look forward to working with each of you for the betterment of your EMS future.  
Happy EMS Week. Be proud and stay safe! 

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