Aug 15, 2022

WorkPartners Update

As you know, the Baker Administration is implementing a new Absence and Leave program for state employees with a private vendor by the name of WorkPartners. We wanted to provide you with an update on our progress in fighting this decision.

NAGE has continued to fight the decision to outsource leave management work and the many changes to the leave management process. While NAGE cannot undo management’s decision to privatize leave management, NAGE continues to challenge its impacts through negotiations and an unfair labor practice charge.

Since our last update on this matter, NAGE has continued to raise the concerns of our members about allowing a private vendor to approve or deny leave requests and to hold sensitive and private information without the consent of our members. NAGE also has expressed strong concerns about the security of any confidential information they do have access to, as well as the decision-making process for leave approval/denial. 

NAGE has filed four requests for information with the Commonwealth regarding WorkPartners to better understand and thus mitigate the potential perversive effects of its implementation.

NAGE has met with management on five occasions to seek binding commitments in writing from management on these and other subjects. NAGE has made numerous proposals to management about preventing the contractor from obtaining members’ personal information, raising questions around the security of data and need for it, and expressing complete opposition to selling members’ personal information or utilizing it in any other way.
Now and always, NAGE remains steadfast in fighting for the interests of our members and protecting their rights to privacy and fair working conditions. We look forward to continuing our efforts and hope for constructive negotiations with the Baker Administration.
We will be further updating you on this matter as things develop. 

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