Oct 09, 2020

Local 95 Locks in Major Raises After COVID-19 Delays

After months of negotiations heavily drawn out by COVID-19 delays, IAEP Local 95 of Worcester Massachusetts has ratified a new four-year contract. As a result of the new contract, members across the seniority spectrum will receive wage increases averaging 14%, a bump in tuition/training compensation by 25-30% and additional flat pay increases for lieutenants.

Landmark language in the Collective Bargaining Agreement(CBA) will also serve to cement both lieutenants and Field Training Officers(FTO) as recognized ranks in the bargaining unit. Although further negotiations will be needed to finalize FTO duties and job descriptions, the addition provides much needed recognition for the expanded requirements of EMS professionals in these roles.

Finally, the CBA will establish a “Peer Support” system for Worcester members also known as a Critical Incident Stress Management Service. This support group consisting of volunteers from the workforce and third-party On-Site Academy professionals will seek to provide PTSD/PTSI counseling assistance to any member who experiences trauma in the field free of charge. Further language in the CBA also states members cannot be denied a request for this service with all information remaining confidential.

Prior to the ratification of this CBA, IAEP locals around the country have partnered with similar organizations to begin making free mental health support available to members. As a national priority, bills in Massachusetts, Connecticut and around the country saw testimony entered this year by IAEP leadership proponing PTSD/PTSI assistance programs.

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