Apr 16, 2020

MA State Members, Submit Your Testimony

As you know, NAGE has filed legislation to enhance the pay of members providing core functions.  The bill, which was filed by State Representative Tackey Chan, has been formally admitted to the legislature and assigned House Bill Number 4631.  Thanks to your many calls and emails, the bill was admitted with more than 60 co-sponsors, which is a tremendous show of support and a testament to the advocacy effort put forth by NAGE members over the past few weeks.
As you know, House Bill 4631 would provide time and a half pay, or one half comp day, for every day that an employee was required to report to a work location outside of their home throughout the duration of the state emergency.
House Bill 4631 has been referred to the Joint Committee on Public Service for review.  The Committee has announced that it will open a virtual hearing to invite written testimony on the bill beginning next Tuesday, April 21 and will accept testimony for one full week closing on Tuesday April 28.  Instructions for submitting testimony via Google Forums can be found here.
We encourage you to take time to write to the Committee and share your personal experience as a front-line worker during the COVID-19 emergency.  The work that we do as public employees is critical to the basic functioning of our state and our importance has never been more clear. 

Let’s join together and send a strong message of unity and solidarity to our state leaders and ask them to show their support for the men and women risking their lives to keep Massachusetts running!



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