Nov 22, 2019

IAEP Paramedic Finds Magic Solution for Pediatric Care

IAEP Local R7-167 member and Paramedic Ivan Mazurkiewicz was recently featured on CBS news’ segment “A More Perfect Union” highlighting the unique way he uses empathy while treating pediatric patients in Minnesota. The following information is sourced from the CBS report and you can watch a video about Paramedic Mazurkiewicz’ “magic” solution to ease the tension while treating children in an emergency by clicking here.

Paramedic Mazurkiewicz, like most EMS professionals, has a call that will stay with him forever. He treated a 5-year-old boy whose anxiety was memorably high before his body went lifeless. After this tragedy, Paramedic Mazurkiewicz sought to more easily connect with the children he serves in his community.

Paramedic Mazurkiewicz signed up for magic lessons and began by doing simple coin tricks as a source of distraction while kids are being treated in his ambulance. This is his way of finding the light and the fun in what could have been a child’s worst day.

The IAEP is proud to recognize Paramedic Mazurkiewicz for the lifesaving work he does for his community. He, like many EMS professionals and IAEP members across the nation, goes above and beyond the line of duty. Please join us in thanking Paramedic Mazurkiewicz for his outstanding dedication to the profession.
Watch the full video here. 

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Photo via CBS
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