Dec 06, 2019

IAEP Local 325 Responds to Active Shooter at Florida Naval Base

For the third time in the last 30 days, IAEP members responded to an active shooter situation. Several members of Local 325 arrived at the Naval Air Station, Pensacola on Friday morning to provide emergency care for eleven gunshot victims. The assault was perpetrated by a foreign military trainee whose background and motives are currently being investigated by the FBI as a potential act of terror.

This instance follows directly on the heels of an active shooter at Joint Base Pearl Harbor, and the events of Saugus High School in Santa Clarita California. The latter of which saw members of IAEP Local R12-77 entering the hot zone without ballistic vests in the attempt to save students’ lives. IAEP National Director Philip Petit weighed in on the series of events, “When we continue to hear these kinds of stories in the news everyday, I can’t help but be thankful for our members. Because of them, we know there is help on the way. Even when things seem at their worst.”

Thanks to the swift actions of IAEP EMS professionals and local hospitals, many lives were saved at the Naval Air Station in Pensacola, FL.  Unfortunately, three United States Airmen, Kaleb Watson, Mohammed Haitham and Cameron Walters, have passed away.  Our thoughts are with their families, and also with our EMS family who runs head long into this kind of danger every day.   

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