Apr 15, 2020

Care Ambulance Clashes With Management Amid Pandemic

April 15, 2020 
California First Responders Seek Union Protection Under Pandemic Duress
Pressures of EMS Shortages and Wage Concerns Prior to Virus Outbreak Reach Tipping Point
(SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA) EMTs and paramedics employed by Care Ambulance Service, a division of Falck USA, in the greater Orange and Los Angeles County area moved to call a vote this month which would engage them as union members under the International Association of EMTs and Paramedics (IAEP). While the American EMS system faces mounting complications resulting from the response demanded by COVID-19, existing concerns over changes to hours, stagnant rates of pay and steadily increasing fear over further management cuts due to the virus spurred employees to file for election with the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB).  
“These men and women are banding together in the face of adversity to not only protect their patients, but to fight for a living wage and a voice in their workplace.” said IAEP National Representative Michael Linville. Proving their concerns, nearly 10% of the EMS professionals who filed for vote have seen management cut working hours on a weekly basis since early March. An action which has resulted in up to 25 ambulances no longer being utilized in their service areas at a given time leading some to worry about shortages if an uptick in calls were to arise. Additionally, allegations of union busters being hired by Care Ambulance upper management to quell the growing support for union representation have in fact stoked further support for the coming vote.
“Every call has exposure potential now. EMS professionals have enough to worry about besides their own job security.” continued Linville. “The men and women at Care want their employer focused on protecting them and providing the tools they need to be effective in the field. They can’t understand why management would spend time and resources on something that threatens their career opportunities, especially given the current health crisis. ”  
The NLRB is slated to order an election in the coming days concurrent with LA ordnances regarding the virus, voting likely to take place in early June with results to follow. Vote pending, the EMS community of Southern California remains focused on providing the best care possible while keeping themselves and their families healthy for the foreseeable future. The IAEP has committed their backing to Care employees in the vote interim and will continue to work to protect these essential professionals in the weeks leading up to the vote.
“We are the first responders for these frontline heroes.” said Linville. “Right now, we’re not just pushing for the union, but we’re doing our best to make sure the concerns of our colleagues working at Care are addressed to the fullest extent before any ballot is even cast.”

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