Sep 09, 2021

Contract Negotiations Update - Tentative Agreement Reached

We would like to update you on the status of contract negotiations. After much advocacy from our NAGE representatives on behalf of our members, we have reached a tentative agreement with the Trial Court. We would like to thank our negotiations team and our members who have been strong advocates for themselves. Without your hard work and dedication to your fellow members, we would have never reached an increased economic offer. 

With your strong support we held the Governor and the Trial Court Administration accountable for their inaction, using a media campaign strategy and persistent legislative advocacy. As a result, NAGE Trial Court members moved the needle and got the Administration to increase their offer to significantly benefit our members, from 0% over three years with no retro or signing bonus, to 6.5% with 2.5% retro to first payroll period in July 2020 and a 1.5% signing bonus. 

The tentative agreement includes the following:
  • 2.5% - including retro, to first payroll period in July 2020
  • 1.5% one-time COVID Recognition Bonus upon signing the contract with a minimum payment of $1,000*
  • 2% -  retroactive to the first payroll period in July 2021 (calculated after the 2.5% increase above has been applied) 
  • 2% - first payroll period in July 2022

NAGE will commence bargaining over Hazard Pay immediately after this contract is ratified. We will continue to update you on this issue as it is being bargained separately from the contract. 

NAGE leaders have given serious consideration to this offer before presenting it to our membership. We recommend that our members vote to approve this agreement.

Where trade unions are most firmly organized, there are the rights of the people most respected. - Samuel Gompers
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