Oct 25, 2019

Leaders Sign Janus Bill

On Thursday, 10/24, NAGE President David J. Holway gathered with the leaders who advocated for the Janus Bill on Beacon Hill to celebrate the passing of the bill into law.  
President Holway was joined by Senate President Karen Spikla, Senator Joe Boncore, Senator Patricia Jehlen, Speaker Robert DeLeo, Representative Tackey Chan, Representative Paul Brodeur, MA AFL-CIO President Steven Tolman and many other local leaders.  

President Holway was at the forefront of this legislation from the very beginning.  He took a stand to protect the working people that NAGE is proud to represent, and never wavered from his course.  After months of advocating, the Governor vetoed the bill in September, but NAGE refused to relent.  Both the House and Senate nearly unanimously overrode the Governor's veto, and House Bill 3854 was signed into law.  The passage of this legislation will allow NAGE and the rest of the public sector to move forward and continue to provide a strong voice for hard working families that make the Commonwealth run each day.  

Thank you to the legislators who worked tireless to see this Bill into law.  Your work on behalf of the working people of Massachusetts is honorable, and we are proud to stand beside you.  Thank you to the NAGE legislative team, your hard work on getting this bill into the hand of the legislature is greatly appreciated.  Thank you most of all to President Holway, who knew this was the right path for our members and stayed the course, working to gain support, and seeing this initiative into law for the good of working people in Massachusetts.   

Click HERE for more information on the override of the Janus Bill.  

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National President David J. Holway Speaker DeLeo, NAGE EVP Farley, NAGE VP Cook, NAGE EVP McGoldrick, NAGE Prsident Holway, NAGE Legislative Team Redmond & Gregory Senate President Karen Spilka Senator Joe Boncore

Senator Patricia Jehlen Representative Tackey Chan Representative Paul Brodeur

NAGE EVP Theresa McGoldrick and NAGE General Counsel Gina Lightfoot Walker

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