May 10, 2022

Settlement Reached in Sick Building Lawsuit

Today, May 10, 2022, the Plaintiffs announced that a settlement agreement had been reached concerning the “sick building” lawsuit, supported by NAGE and others, against the Trial Court. The settlement resolves the claims of three individual defendants, asserting that mold and other hazards resulted in dangerous conditions necessitating the closure of the Roderick Ireland Courthouse in Springfield, Massachusetts.  

While NAGE is disappointed the Settlement does not close the Courthouse, it does provide a road map and specific timelines for HVAC system cleaning, increased air filtration, mold remediation, deep cleaning of the building, and air quality testing at regular intervals, to be conducted at the expense of the Trial Court with detailed reports made to the public, the Union, and its members, in addition to other relief.

NAGE is reviewing the settlement agreement’s terms to determine if additional action is necessary at this time. Furthermore, we will continue to monitor compliance with the agreement and conditions within the building moving forward.

NAGE’s support of this lawsuit is but one part of NAGE’s efforts to ensure our members work in a safe and healthy workplace. A hearing is currently scheduled for later this year concerning NAGE’s allegation that the Trial Court committed an unfair labor practice when it refused to negotiate over employees’ return to the Courthouse.

We will update you as soon as new information becomes available.

You can find out previous updates on the Ireland Courthouse here. 

Executed Settlement Agreement

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