Jun 30, 2020

Blood, Marrow and Tissue Donation Leave Time

NAGE would like to remind all MA State employees that you have a unique leave opportunity if donating blood, bone marrow or an organ. The policy information, which can also be found on the HRD website, is below.  The form for requesting time off for the donations is also below, along with the MOU on the Blood Donation Leave Program.  

MOU on Blood Donation Leave Program

Blood Donation Leave Form

Blood Donation Leave

With prior supervised approval, state employees may donate blood up to 5 times a year during their work shift between October 1 and September 30. We cover travel to and from the blood collections site and the time spent donating and recovering under medical supervision. The maximum number of paid hours per donation is four hours, although it usually takes much less than that to donate. 

Did you know a single blood donation can save up to three lives? Give the gift of life by reading eligibility requirements on the Red Cross links below and donate at the blood collection site of your choice.  External Resources

Bone Marrow Donation Leave

Executive Department employees may take up to 5 paid days (not charged to personal, vacation, or sick time) to donate bone marrow and recover from the donation. See the link below for the detailed policy. 

Organ Donation Leave

Executive Department employees may take up to 30 paid work days per calendar year (not charged to  personal, vacation, or sick time) to donate an organ including preparation and recovery time.  External Resources

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