Feb 08, 2022

Trial Court News Update

Just wanted to take a minute to congratulate all of the Stewards and Executive Board members of our Court Officer and Probation locals, and thank them for their continued hard work!

Over the past five (5) payroll periods, from late November 2021 to present, our members have enjoyed a period of unprecedented economic growth.

Beginning with the newly negotiated contract raises, our members received: 
  • 4.5% retroactive pay increases in November.
  • Followed by 4.5% wage increases.
  • Next came the 1.5% bonus payments, a results of the successfully negotiated successor agreement. 
  • Bi-annual comp time pay down.
  • Lastly, this last week's paycheck included the negotiated $2,000 or $1,000 Hazard Pay bonus for all eligible members. 
Thank you again for the continued work and support of your Stewards and Executive Board members. Through their solidarity, support and dedication, this Union has been able to provide unprecedented economic benefits to its members.

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