Feb 05, 2015

Worked for Another Gov't Entity? You Might Have More Vacation Time

If you worked for another government entity in Massachusetts before you began working for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, you might be entitled to additional vacation time because of your  prior service. 
Collective bargaining agreements and a state policy book (called the "Red Book") contain guidelines for the details, but the short version is: If you worked for a public employer in Massachusetts before you came to work for the Commonwealth, you might have been able to count that service in determining how many weeks of vacation you earn in your state job.
How the policy works
Vacation status, or “creditable service,” is the length of your service that determines whether you receive two, three, four, or five weeks of vacation per year.
Example: If you had five years of service with a Massachusetts city or town before coming to work for the Commonwealth, you would be eligible to receive three weeks of vacation per year right away, instead of having to work for the state for four and a half years.
Credits are the actual days or hours of time in your “bank.”
If you are an employee who might be affected by this policy, please refer to the entire policy at the link below or contact your NAGE representative.
We have reprinted excerpts from a chart provided by the Commonwealth describing the types of status and credits that may apply to employees in such situations. This chart is for reference only.  For details about how the policy might apply to you, call your NAGE representative or visit the link above.
Transfer from:    Collective Bargaining 
Federal Government    No credit 
Other States    No credit 
Mass. Cities, Towns and Counties    Vacation status only 
Mass. State  and Local Authorities    Vacation status only 
Legislative Branch, 
Governor’s and Lt. Governor’s Offices 
  Vacation status and sick leave credits only 
Judicial Branch    Vacation status only 
Constitutional and Independent Offices (including Counties that have officially become state agencies)    Vacation status only 
District Attorneys’ Offices    Vacation status only 
Higher Education    Vacation status only 
Other classified positions and certain managerial unclassified positions (e.g. Cabinet Secretaries, Undersecretaries, etc.)    Vacation status, vacation credits and sick leave credits* 
*  If break in service is 3 years or more, see Red Book or contract for special conditions under which Personnel Administrator can approve re-crediting of prior time for reemployment/reinstatement. 

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