Feb 15, 2018

Volusia Co. IAEP: “More calls than ambulances”

The paramedics of IAEP Local R5-077 in Volusia County, Florida are warning residents that they don’t have enough EMS professionals to handle the county’s medical emergencies—and the county manager rebuffed a reporter who asked him about it.
Jason Ladermann, president of Local R5-077, showed a reporter from WFTV-9 a copy of a letter the local sent to the county leaders in September 2016, cosigned by all the unions representing all of the area’s emergency medical service professionals. The letter addressed the shortage of EMS service in the county that Ladermann says is getting worse in 2018. 
Ladermann told Ch. 9 that the paramedics have more emergency calls than ambulances and staff to respond to them several times a day. That status, called “Level 0” in the EMS industry, means that Volusia County residents calling 9-1-1 for an ambulance may wait from 15 to 30 minutes or even longer for a response. Long response times can be dangerous or even deadly in medical emergencies.
While crews from city EMS operations can assist, Ladermann said that contingency practice is becoming a daily routine to handle the 80,000 calls Volusia County EMS gets each year. Meanwhile, response times continue to decline.
When WFTV reporter Michael Springer approached County Manager Jim Dineen at a public meeting on Tuesday, February 12, Dineen refused to discuss the subject or the potential harm to area residents and workers and walked away from the reporter and camera operator.
You can see the entire story here.

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