Aug 30, 2018

Victory for Local R7-551

On August 21, 2018, Local R7-551 and Local President Nicole Golder was able to successfully challenge the agency on behalf of their members, despite the negative environment surrounding labor unions in the Federal sector.  Members of the local were not informed that they were entitled to premium pay for work that was completed on weekends.  During a job description shift at the agency, the Local found out that certain members were not being properly compensated for their work.  Before our members had time to learn about the agency’s error, the Local began the grievance process to make the members whole. 
“We took action as quickly as possible,” stated Local President Nicole Golder.  “This is a prime example of how the Union’s work is always going on in the background, even when it might not be as obvious to the members.  We are proud to have quickly righted this wrong for our members, especially with all the turmoil in the Federal sector at the moment.” 
The attacks on federal labor by President Trump, and the severe limitations that were placed on unions makes this victory an impressive win for the local.  The Presidents’ Executive Orders have made it particularly tricky to navigate issues like these but the Local persevered for the members.  The Agency granted the Union’s grievance and awarded the full back-pay remedy that was sought. The Local’s success despite the restrictions on federal employees shows that NAGE continues to fight for its members to ensure they are treated fairly and with dignity and respect.  

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