Aug 07, 2018

Unit A Granted Operational Enhancements

Dear NAGE Unit A Member:

On August 1, 2018, NAGE Unit A President John Mann signed into agreement the following MOA, bringing enhancements to the NAGE members of Unit A employed by the Registry of Motor Vehicles.  This MOA is completely separate from contract negotiations, and a result of the impact of the Atlas/Real system roll-out.  

After bargaining extensively on your behalf over the complexity of the Atlas/Real systems, President Mann was successful in implementing the following improvements.  Below you will find the highlights of the agreement, and the full-text MOA.  

Information regarding the Successor Collective bargaining Agreement effective July 1, 2017 to follow.  
MOA Highlights
  • The RMV may establish a Rapid Response Unit that will service Intra-Region branches. Employees selected for said team will be used to supplement existing staff levels. Employees who are selected for said Unit will, in addition to travel reimbursement, receive a bi-weekly amount of $92.31 per pay period.

  • Current employees may opt to work a 40 hr. per week schedule, with salary and leave accruals reflective of the change.

  • Unit A employees shall have access to the NAGE Educational Trust benefit at a rate set by the Trustees.

  • Effective the 1st full pay period in July 2018 CSR’S/TRO’S at the RMV/MRB shall receive an upgrade equal to 1 grade.
    • Example: CSR1, grade 11 shall go to CSR1, grade 12, an average of 4% bump up. The same pattern will follow all CSR titles in RMV/MASS DOT.

  • Effective July 2019:  CSR’S/TRO’s will receive another one grade increase averaging 4% increase. Steps and anniversary dates remain unchanged.

Please click here for the FULL-TEXT MOA 


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