Jul 26, 2017

Union Wins Jobs Back for EMS Workers

Over the past year, six EMS professionals were unlawfully terminated from Prompt Ambulance in Indiana. On Friday, July 21, 2017, after more than a year of tireless efforts by IAEP staff and members, the union reached a settlement with the company. The union not only won the first responders their jobs back, but also thousands of dollars in back pay for the months they were left without an income.

IAEP National Representative Nate Morrish spoke of the uphill battle the union faced this past year. “We saw six of our first responders illegally fired, more members enduring blatant workplace mistreatment, and an EMS company trying to bypass laws and regulations just to save a few bucks,” said Morrish. “We’ve been focusing our efforts on getting a fair response from Prompt management, who wasn’t willing to work with us for over a year.”

The union’s hard work paid off, when a settlement was finally reached with Prompt Ambulance CEO Gary Miller. The six EMS professionals were offered their full positions back, without alterations to job status, wage, or benefits such as health insurance. The EMTs and paramedics were also granted thousands of dollars in back pay for their time out of work.

Union leaders were stunned by the negligent actions of Prompt’s management team. “The treatment these first responders have endured is disgraceful,” said IAEP National Director Phil Petit. “EMTs and paramedics play a vital role in our communities, and management left them high and dry. These men and women, at the very least, deserve fair treatment in their workplace.”

There are still outstanding Unfair Labor Practice (ULP) charges against the company. But for now, the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) included language in the settlement intended to prevent Prompt management from failing to bargain with the union in the future.

The IAEP wishes to thank staff and members who stood in solidarity throughout this process for their hard work and efforts.

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