Jan 19, 2018

Union GIC Representatives Stand Together Against Health Care Plan Changes

On Thursday morning, NAGE GIC Commissioners Bobbi Kaplan, Margaret Thompson and Joe Gentile, along with two additional labor commissioners, stood firm in opposition to the proposal by the Baker administration to eliminate three of the health plans currently offered to state workers and their families.

The proposal, which eliminates Harvard Pilgrim, Fallon and Tufts (commercial only), was received by the Commissioners after close of business on Wednesday and rushed through to a vote on Thursday morning.

"The process was insulting to our five union commissioners, to our members, to our families and to the employees of these three Massachusetts based businesses, who now face layoffs of their own," said NAGE National President David J. Holway.  "For the second year in a row, the GIC has moved a game changing proposal with zero input from our members and I'm outraged."

Although our Commissioners pushed for a delayed vote, the motion to accept the proposal was passed, over the objections of every employee representative at the table.

The vote effectively ends the GIC's relationship with the three carriers listed above.  The GIC maintains that the only change to an employee’s plan will be the logo on their card and we now need to hold them to that as we continue to fight for changes at the GIC itself.

In addition to the three Commissioners we have working on the GIC, NAGE fought for and successfully included language to increase the labor voice on the GIC from five seats to seven in the Senate Healthcare bill last fall.  We are now working to advocate that the House of Representatives include this language in their healthcare bill which is expected sometime this spring. 

YOU can take action on this important issue today by contacting your state representative and asking them to contact the chair of the House Healthcare Finance Committee, Peter Kocot.  Tell your representative to call Chairman Kocot and encourage his support for an increase in labor seats in the House Health Care Bill (HB 2211) that is currently under consideration. 

If you know your State Representatives, you can contact them via the State House switchboard at 617-722-2000.

If you do not know your State Representatives, please click HERE to find out who to contact. 
NAGE has testified in support of this action and will continue to fight for passage of this amendment.  NAGE stands firmly against any future changes being made without our members’ voices being heard. 

If you would like to voice your strong objection to this vote, and any other detrimental changes that could be made without a public hearing, you can let the GIC know at one of their scheduled hearings (see schedule below).  

To read more about the GIC's decision in the Boston Globe, click HERE.

*Location chage for Tuesday, 1/30.  The Public Hearing will now be held at the State Transportation Building, Transportation Board Room, Second Floor (10 Park Plaza, Boston) from 2-3:30PM.

The GIC meeting on 2/1, 8:30-10:30AM, will also be moved to 
State Transportation Building, Transportation Board Room, Second Floor (10 Park Plaza, Boston) 

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