Aug 19, 2019

Union Blasts RMV Auditors

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August 19, 2019                                                                                         
The National President of the union representing the RMV employees named in the interim audit report issued by Grant Thornton, LLP on August 16th responded that the report “looks to be a classic case of let’s not blame those that are cutting our checks.”  NAGE National President David J. Holway states that “this whole situation reminds me of the TV series Hogan’s Heroes with both Governor Baker and DOT Secretary Polack playing the part of Sargent Schultz, who famously continued to say, ‘I know nothing!’  The real question is, how could it be possible that they both knew ‘nothing?’”
The fact that the auditors looking into the operations of the RMV found it necessary to name the two career employees of the Commonwealth in its first interim report is mind boggling and truly unconscionable. These two fine, hardworking individuals have been dragged into a set of circumstances that were no making of their own; a situation that has led to the death of seven people, and the shattering of scores of families. A new department had been created at the Registry, but no one trained the staff in the unit before assigning them to other duties.
Did these two employees let out the $62.2 million contract for the new computer system? NO
Were these two individuals responsible for the training that might have led to action being taken against the individual driving the tow truck? NO
Were these two hard working employees responsible for the oversight of systems and quality control at the RMV? NO
Are these two individuals responsible for thousands of drivers being on the road when they shouldn’t be?  NO
The question that should be answered by this audit is when did Governor Baker and MassDOT Secretary Pollack know that the RMV wasn’t meeting its obligation to the public on the public safety aspect of the agency’s mission?
The Governor and Secretary took great pride in working with our union’s members when wait times went down at the RMV, but they failed to provide the proper staffing to insure the public’s safety, in addition to failing to provide the proper training so that daily tasks could be completed.  Both Governor Baker and Secretary Pollack have an obligation to provide state employees with the proper tools to perform their jobs, but they failed when challenges with the new computer system were not addressed. 
I hope that Grant Thornton LLP are not on a mission to contain the political fallout as a result of these tragic deaths by trying to shift the blame to two fine public servants.

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