Jan 28, 2016

UPDATE: MWRA Explosion at Nut Island Treatment Plant

(Quincy, MA) - ​We are thankful to report that those injured during Monday's minor explosion at Nut Island Treatment Plant, including NAGE MWRA member John Flaherty, are now home recovering. We wish a speedy recovery to Mr. Flaherty and his coworkers at the MWRA. We appreciate the dedicated work of our union brothers and sisters.

Below: REPOSTED FROM THE BOSTON GLOBE - January 27, 2016
By J.D. Capelouto - Globe Correspondent

The explosion at the Massachusetts Water Resource Authority’s sewage screening facility stemmed from an industrial fan mechanical failure, fire officials determined.
The Monday explosion at the Nut Island Headworks in Quincy left five workers with minor injuries and caused a fire that burned for more than 24 hours. Firefighters put out the fire Tuesday at around 3 p.m.
The fan’s failure led to the release of a sulfuric dust cloud that exploded and led to a fire, the State Fire Marshal said in a statement.
Since the fire was several stories underground, the firefighters had a tough time attacking it.
“They needed to use self-contained breathing apparatus capable of longer than usual operational time,” the statement said. “It took some time to ensure the air conditions were safe for investigators to enter.”
MWRA spokeswoman Ria Convery said it is still too early to estimate damage.
“We’re waiting for the fire department to clear [out],” she said.
The injured workers were doing maintenance work on the odor control system at the time of the explosion. The fan worked to deodorize gases prior to their release into the atmosphere.
The Nut Island facility, which filters sewage before pumping it to a treatment plant at Deer Island, continued to operate throughout the incident, Convery said.

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Photo via Boston Globe. "Firefighters put out an underground fire at the Nut Island sewer facility on Tuesday, more than 24 hours after an incident that injured five workers."
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