Dec 07, 2016

Trial Court Members Honored at 2016 Trial Court Excellence Awards

On December 6, 2016, The Commonwealth of Massachusetts Trial Court held their annual Excellence Awards.  Among those honored were representatives from Locals 229 and 458.  

From Trial Court Local 229, Probation Officer Julie Hall was honored for her swift reactions that saved the life of an infant this past summer.  To read more about PO Hall's incredible story, please click here

From Trial Court Local 458, representatives from both the Bellotti Courthouse and Fenton Judicial Center were honored for 
their dedication to public service, and ensuring the safety of the courthouse.  From the Bellotti Courthouse, Local 458 members John Cahill, Paul O'Rourke and Chris Tufo were honored.  From the Fenton Judicial Center, Local 458 members Michael Britton, Berlis Cuevan, Carlos Morais and Angel Torres were honored.  

Please join us in congratulating all that were recognized for their efforts within the Trial Court! 


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Honorable Paula M. Carey, Chief Justice of the Trial Court Harry Spence, Court Administrator Juvenile Court Chief Justice Amy L. Nechtem (left) and Probation Commissioner Edward J. Dolan (right) presenting Probation Officer Julie Hall (center) with her award of excellence Nechtem, Carey, Hall, Dolan and Spence

Security Team/First Responders in Quincy & Lawrence being honored Security Team/First Responders in Quincy & Lawrence with Chief Justice Carey and Court Administrator Spence

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