Jun 30, 2015

TC Security Officers Get Degrees with Scholarships from Quincy College

Quincy College is awarding the first associates degrees to members of the Trial Court security team who took advantage of the college’s scholarship program through NAGE.
Christopher Tufo, a Quincy District Court Officer, was awarded his associate’s degree in May. Anthony Holmes, also a court officer in the Quincy District Court, will complete the work for his associate’s degree this July.
Chief Court Officer Mark Gannon of Middlesex District Court also completed his associate’s degree this year. It was Gannon’s experience at Quincy College, said NAGE Trial Court Director Dave Bernard, that served as the inspiration for the scholarship program
“Mark was so enthusiastic about his experiences at Quincy College that he inspired us to reach an agreement with the college to make it more accessible to everyone,” said Bernard. “He deserves a pat on the back, not just for completing his degree, but for thinking of the rest of his team and their futures, too.”
Convenience and affordability
A NAGE representative recently spoke to Holmes and Tufo at Quincy District Court; both had accumulated prior college credits, but needed to complete degrees to be eligible for promotion within the Trial Court security department. When NAGE announced the Quincy College scholarship program, both signed up.
“It was the convenience,” said Holmes. “I was only a few credits away and now I could wrap it all up.”
“They made it easy to do part-time,” said Tufo. “There’s a lot online and the teachers were excellent.”
The convenience Quincy College offered Tufo and Holmes was one big advantage, but the other was cost. The NAGE scholarship made finishing their degrees at Quincy College a smart financial move.
“”I’m very grateful to NAGE for doing this,” said Tufo. “It means that I’ll be eligible for promotion when I have the time in.”
“It would have cost me double to finish school somewhere else,” said Holmes. “Now I’m done and I didn’t have to deal with financial aid; I could do it on my own.”
NAGE and Quincy College joined forces over a year ago to offer scholarship assistance to NAGE members who wanted to pursue higher education. Quincy College offered a unique opportunity for NAGE members: by offering a variety of online, hybrid and night classes at both their Quincy and Plymouth campus.  Quincy College is making the next rung on the education ladder a lot closer for many adult students.  They are happy to announce and increase in NAGE scholarship starting Fall of 2015.
To learn more about Quincy College, contact William Finn, the NAGE liaison at Quincy College, at wfinn@quincycollege.edu or 617-405-5930.

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