Mar 14, 2018

State Contract Negotiations Update

As you know, we have been at the negotiations table fighting to obtain the best union contract for our members for almost a year.  We started with an economic offer from the Administration that we felt was completely unfair and did not reflect the current economic conditions or the wage growth for the commonwealth.  You can view the letter from President Holway on the first offer HERE
After many months of negotiations, the commonwealth made an offer in December of 1, 2, 2 over three years, well under our proposal of 3,3,3 over three years (the offer can be viewed HERE).  Although it was a slight improvement, it did not reflect the increases at the GIC that our members had to pay, the current cost of living or the booming economic conditions and wage growth of the Commonwealth.  The offer was unanimously rejected by the NAGE contract negotiations bargaining team on December 13, 2017. 
NAGE reached out to members on the offer that the team rejected to see whether they would vote for the offer or not.  The online survey was sent December 27th, and results showed that almost 90% voted to reject the same offer that the bargaining team unanimously rejected.  NAGE rejected the offer and went back to the table to fight for a better offer.  The survey results can be viewed HERE

Since that time, however, two other state employee unions have voted and ratified the same economic offer that NAGE members and the NAGE contract negotiations bargaining team rejected.  This unfortunately has made it very difficult for NAGE to obtain a better economic offer, in light of the fact that other unions representing thousands of members have accepted. 
Although this news has made it more difficult, NAGE and the contract negotiations bargaining team continues to meet with the commonwealth to bargain for a better offer.  We will keep you posted on any update. 

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