Sep 19, 2018

Springfield Local Mourns Loss of Crossing Guard

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Written by Ryan

We have learned that a crossing guard hit and killed outside a Springfield school had only been on the job for three days.

We're also told by her family that 67-year-old Michele Barrows' daughter watched the whole thing happen.

It's a very sad way to begin the new school year for students and staff in Springfield.


Police are again reminding everyone to please slow down as more traffic and kids are out as school has begun.

"The front windshield was busted bad. I already knew what had happened. It was just sad, it was crazy," said Raisa Olivo of Springfield.

Raisa and Arturo Olivo brought a candle and placed it at the spot where police said 67-year-old Michele Barrows was hit and killed.

The crossing guard was helping students cross East Street Thursday afternoon when school let out around 3 p.m.

"We come out here twice a day. Our children are in the local school across the corner where the crossing guard crosses our children regularly. We kind of just wanted to come out here and pay our respects. This is our home, we pass this every day," Olivo added.

Michele's daughter, Annette, told Western Mass News that she would sit with her mother while she worked, bringing her water when she needed it.

She posted on Facebook and said that she watched the accident happen and it will be a long road to recover from what she saw.

Neighbors said that the street is busy and speeding has always been a problem.

"It's very busy. Lot of fast cars, dangerous. There's no lights, no stop signs. There's nothing really to make anybody slow down. They come flying and it's just bad. You got kids crossing all the time, especially early in the morning," Olivo noted.

Signs are now posted, reminding drivers to take it easy and slow down.

"I just feel sorry for her and her family. Our prayers are with her," said Deb Bourque of Springfield.


Police said that Barrows was not assigned to a specific school and the driver did remain on-scene after the accident.

"Slow down on East Street. That's all I can say," Bourque added.

At this time, there have not been any arrests and police say this remains an active investigation.

Springfield Public Schools told us that they will make counselors available for grieving students and staff.

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