Sep 28, 2015

Shutdown Update Feed

Last Updated: Mon. 9/28 @ 1:00PM

Note: this post will be updated regularly as more information becomes available.

1:00PM - 9/28/15
OPM has posted contingency plans for each agency in lieu of a potential government shutdown. Find your agency's plan here:

9:54PM - 9/27/15
According to inside sources with the New York Times, including John Boehner, a shutdown looks unlikely as of now. Sources:​

1:07PM - 9/25/15
Clean continuing Resolution likely to pass in eleventh hour, OPM says. In a call with OPM Director Corbet, OPM has directed all agencies to post lapse plans to websites at 2:00PM today and to inform union leaders of the plans prior to 2:00PM. OPM has also provded agency communications staff with necessary talking points. There is no updated information regarding the designation of essential, exempted, and emergency personnel. OPM recommends checking with your agency for more information on who will/will not be affected by the shutdown at your workplace.

2:09PM - 9/24/15
A Shutdown FAQ has been posted to the NAGE Federal website. TO view it, click here.

1:33PM - 9/24/15
The Senate is expected to vote today on passing a CR without funding for Planned Parenthood, which will fail. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is using the vote to prove to the far-right in his caucus that defunding Planned Parenthood is not an option the Senate can pursue. SEIU Senior Legislative Advocate Saralee Todd expressed via phone that based on what she is hearing, an agreement may be reached late Wednesday afternoon.

3:00PM - 9/23/15 
Minutes from 9/23 president’s call.
At this point, if Congress does not reach an agreement by October 1, the government will shut down. With only 4 workdays left, they do not have time to pass a full budget. Not only have none of the fiscal 2016 appropriations yet been signed into law, none have even passed both the House and Senate.

For these reasons, the only option is for Congress to pass a continuing resolution, either for 2-3 weeks or until late December.

The biggest obstacle to passing a CR right now is Planned Parenthood.

Some Republicans have vowed never to vote for any legislation — including a CR — that maintains this funding, while the White House has promised to veto any bill that ends it.

There is an additional dispute over military funding. McConnell introduced legislation to the floor yesterday that would have funding the government, stripped PP of funding, and boosted defense spending by $13B, which failed, as he knew it would.

Basically, the Senate can only pass a CR that funds PP, the House can only pass a CR that defunds PP.

It’s hard to tell what the Leaderships’ plans are, they’re holding their cards very close. Watching news updates all day.

Budget experts say a shutdown is likely.

We spoke to the Dir. Of Civilian Force Mgmt, Director Warner, yesterday at an Air Force Labor-Mgmt roundtable and she has said they have not received any directives similar to the leadup to the 2013 shutdown, which makes Dir Warner think a shutdown is less likely. When speaking with other union reps at the meeting, most were in agreement that it was more likely than not. We also asked if there was any information on a distinction between exempted, emergency, essential employees, she said it was unclear as they hadn’t received info from higher-ups.
Most believe there will be a shutdown for a few days, although anything can still happen, making all predictions merely guesses.

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