Nov 28, 2017

Seven-year-old Meets Paramedics Who Saved His Life

EMTs and paramedics face traumas and tragedies every day on the job, but a pair of paramedics in Lakewood, Florida had a happy meeting with the brave little boy they saved in a serious car accident.
Paramedics Clint Faulkner and Anthony Perrone of IAEP Local R5-747 enjoyed a visit at Manatee County EMS recently from Caden McClusky, the little boy they had rescued in a serious car accident.
Caden and his father were in the car on November 7 when Caden’s father suffered a medical emergency. As the car veered out of control, Caden tried to help, but he could not awaken his father. Their car struck another vehicle at about 60 mph and Caden suffered a head injury.
Faulkner and Perrone arrived minutes later. The paramedics talked to Caden about video games and hobbies while they were stabilizing him and his father. In an interview with local media, Faulkner said Caden “handled it better than most adults.”
“He was such a brave little boy for his age,” said Perrone.
Caden and his father were transported by helicopter to Tampa. Both patients were lucky to have escaped life-threatening injury. Caden’s mother brought him to Manatee County EMS so they could both thank the paramedics for their help.
You can see more about their story here, here, and here. Hats off to Faulkner and Perrone for a job well done and best wishes to Caden and his family. 

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Seven-year-old Caden McClusky meets Clint Faulkner, one of the Manatee County EMS paramedics who saved him in a severe auto accident. Photo from
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