Jan 09, 2015

Quincy College Offers Scholarship to NAGE Members

Quincy College in Quincy, Massachusetts is offering NAGE members scholarships of $1,500 each year, applicable in increments of $150 per class. In addition to its campuses in Quincy and Plymouth, Quincy College offers classes online. Spring semester classes begin January 21.

The scholarship program offers NAGE members an affordable, accessible way to pursue higher education and professional development. Quincy College awards a variety of professional certificates and associates degrees, and its credits are transferable to many institutions towards completion of bachelor degrees.

The NAGE scholarship program at Quincy College can help you even if you already have a college degree:

·         You can earn continuing education unit credits
·         You can earn certificates in several areas of study
·         You can upgrade your skills in areas like computing, to help you on the job today
·         You can broaden your skills with courses like accounting, to make you a stronger candidate for promotion

Accessible, flexible ways to earn credits

Quincy College’s focus on teaching and learning one student at a time has led the College to deliver its academic programs through a variety of delivery methodologies—including on-site, hybrid, and online—in both traditional and “flex” scheduling formats. Many courses are offered during nights and weekends, perfect for “non-traditional” students who work during normal business hours. In addition to courses offered at its campuses in Plymouth and Quincy, the College will offer courses for NAGE members at other locations in the Commonwealth in order to meet student demand.

Quincy College develops its academic programs in a “scaffolding” model. With this design, students can apply credits they earn in certificate programs towards a degree, instead of having to start from the beginning in a degree program after completing a certificate. Quincy College has articulation agreements that allow graduates of some associate degree programs to transfer with advanced standing in specific baccalaureate programs.

To take a look at the courses available in the Spring 2015 semester, click here.

To begin your application, click here.

To learn if college credits you have earned already can be transferred into Quincy College programs, or if you have any other questions, contact Bill Finn at wfinn@quincycollege.edu.

For FAQs about the NAGE scholarship program at Quincy College, click here.


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