May 15, 2019

Proposed Bi-Partisan PTSD Bill Excludes EMS in CT

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Your first responders need your support! Tell your legislators that Connecticut's EMS professionals deserve access to PTSD resources and benefits. Ask them to include EMS alongside police and fire in Senate Bill 164.

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  • "Mental health matter for EMS. As a constituent in your area, I’m asking that you vote to include EMS professionals in Senate Bill 164."
  • "As an EMS professional in Connecticut and a voter in your area, I am asking that you include EMS in Senate Bill 164.  We are there for you when you need us, please stand with us today."  

IAEP Press Release from May 15, 2019:

Proposed Bi-Partisan PTSD Bill Excludes EMS in CT

On Monday, May 13, 2019, legislators in Connecticut came to a bi-partisan agreement on proposed Senate Bill 164 advancing resources and treatment for first responders managing post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).  The International Association of EMTs and Paramedics (IAEP), which represents thousands of EMS professionals across Connecticut, is concerned over the legislation’s failure to extend those same vital mental health resources and benefits to EMS professionals.

“While this is a huge step forward for fire and police across Connecticut, the bill as passed completely ignores a huge portion of the state’s first responders,” said IAEP National Director Philip Petit.  “These benefits are crucial for all first responders and EMS professionals across Connecticut deserve access to these resources.”

The IAEP and its members have worked hard to improve mental health resources for first responders, raising money for organizations like the Code Green Campaign, negotiating for access to mental health care through the workplace, and working with researchers to quantify the presence of PTSD in EMS worker populations.

“The rate of suicide and reported cases of PTSD continues to rise across all first responders.  Whether you are a police officer, firefighter, or EMS professional, you are responding to the call during an emergency and facing situations that most people will never face in their lives,” said Petit.  “Simply put, there isn’t a price tag high enough to justify one portion of first responders not receiving access to the same care and support as their brothers and sisters in police and fire.”

The union represents over 10,000 EMS professionals across the nation and has seen its members provide high quality medical care throughout major public events and tragedies both in Connecticut and across the country.

“The omission of EMS professionals from this bill highlights an ongoing disconnect between the important services these men and women provide to their communities every day and the public perception about their jobs,” continued Petit.  “The IAEP lobbies across the country to expand these benefits to EMS professionals, and we will continue our efforts in Connecticut to make sure our first responders have access to the resources they deserve.”

Sign the petition to include EMS in Senate Bill 164 here. 

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