Mar 03, 2017

Paramedics Rescue Family of 6 from Fire

Two fast-acting paramedics in Fort Wayne, Indiana, rescued a family of six from a fire in their home before they were even aware of the flames.

Just before 2:00 am on Wednesday, March 2, two IAEP members in Fort Wayne, Indiana, saved six lives before any injuries were even obtained.

IAEP Local R7-525 Vice President Nathan Stine and Treasurer Jeromy Yadon were driving along West Rudisill Boulevard in an ambulance when they discovered smoke coming from a home nearby. The first responders jumped to action and started banging on windows and doors to alert residents. Stine and Yadon got two adults and four children safely out of the house before any smoke detectors even went off.

When the fire department arrived 3 minutes later, the family was waiting in the warmth of the ambulance. The flames were extinguished shortly after and fire damage to the two-story home was moderate. Thanks to the swift action of Stine and Yadon, no one was hurt.

“We couldn’t be more proud of our members. They risk their own safety for their community members daily without blinking,” said IAEP National Director Phil Petit, “Most people view this moment as heroic, but Nate and Jeromy just see another day on the job.”  

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