Aug 11, 2015

OPM Cybersecurity Update

The following is a letter from OPM Director Beth Corbet regarding the ongoing OPM cybersecurity breach.

Dear Colleagues:
In the spirit of maintaining open communication, I want to update you on the steps we are taking to confront our cybersecurity challenges and to regain your trust in the IT systems that house your information.
Our team at OPM is working side-by-side with cybersecurity experts from across the Federal Government and from private industry, both to bolster the security of our systems and to ensure that the people affected by the recent incidents receive high quality service and information.
In the four weeks I’ve been at OPM, the agency has made important progress. The e-QIP system we use to process background information forms is back online and operating with enhanced security features. And, working with our interagency partners, we are developing the process for notifying the people affected by the background investigations intrusion and providing them with credit monitoring and identify theft services. We will announce details of that process in the near future. In the weeks following the award of the contract, the government will send notifications to the bulk of the individuals affected.  While we are committed to moving as quickly as practicable to get notifications out the door, we also must make these notifications in a secure manner. We recognize that building those protections into the notification process will take some extra time, but we believe this trade-off is worth it. 
We are continuously updating our online cybersecurity resource center at We’ve added a “Recent Updates” section and a “Stay Informed” feature, which includes options to sign up for email alerts, links to OPM social media, and an RSS feed. And, OPM’s agency partners and outside organizations can now place a digital badge on their own websites that will link their users to the resource center.
The website also has valuable information about how to protect against identity theft and stay safe online. If you still have questions after browsing the website, please email us at Our automated call center can be reached toll free at (866) 740-7153.
Feedback is important to us and vital to our success. I am committed to keeping the lines of communication open and will be writing regular blog posts and using other social media platforms, including Facebook and Twitter, to provide as much current information as possible.
We know we have much more work left to do and we are determined to meet the important challenges ahead. Even as cybersecurity remains a top priority, I am working every day with our talented team at OPM to fulfill the agency’s mission of supporting and providing exceptional and comprehensive service to our Federal family. From improving the hiring process, to developing first-class training and leadership programs, to helping agencies improve employee engagement across government, OPM will continue to be your partner.
Beth Cobert
Acting Director
U.S. Office of Personnel Management

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