Feb 15, 2017

New EMS Contracts Negotiated Coast to Coast

First Contract Negotiated for Pacific Ambulance (San Diego, Ca.)

Members of NAGE EMS Local R12-620 recently ratified their first workplace contract in San Diego, California.

The group of EMS professionals from Pacific Ambulance provide BLS transport in the San Diego area. Their decision to join the union was made in March of 2016 when 97% of votes in favor to organize.

The new agreement guarantees significant financial gains for members of Local R12-620 and a growth in call bonus and extra holidays. 

“Negotiations went extremely well,” said National Representative Shelly Hudelson, who worked alongside National Representative Nate Morrish-Smith and NAGE EMS Chief Negotiator Richard Anderson to ensure that the EMS professionals received strong representation and obtained a fair workplace contract.  

Contract Extension Approved in Stafford Springs, CT.

A unit in Stafford Springs, Connecticut, also recently ratified a new contract, although it was not their first. IAEP Local R1-547 voted to extend their previously negotiated agreement throughout the next three years, with the addition of scheduled annual wage increases.

Local President Nick Delmastro worked together with National Representative PJ Roche, who said, “The negotiation process was excellent.” The EMS professionals of Stafford Ambulance will continue providing emergency medical response services for their community under the extended contract through 2019. 

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