May 13, 2015

National EMS Week 2015

EMS Strong
National EMS Week is right around the corner! From May 17-23rd, EMS professionals, medical personnel, employers and local communities nation-wide are coming together to publicize public safety and honor the dedication of those who provide lifesaving services day after day to our communities. This year’s theme, “EMS STRONG,” will strive to make EMS week a 365-day a year initiative to give EMS greater visibility among communities and health professions, as well as continuously honor those who selflessly protect our communities.  

Looking for some ideas to help you or your station prepare for EMS week? Below are a few ideas you may want to consider:

· Many EMS professionals across the country have found success in holding an open house at their station where they offer CPR training and other public education health and safety programs. These programs can include blood pressure checks, bike helmet safety and health screenings. This is a fun way to get the community involved, especially with the children of the area.
· Stations also help promote EMS week by having their crews wear EMS strong branded shirts personalized with their service name and logo.
· Cookouts for staff to appreciate and honor members.
· Joining charity events is also a great way to get the team together and gain publicity.
· Setting up an event at an elementary school has been a success in the past. Taking an ambulance to the school to let the kids tour and look at the equipment, or setting up a walk with healthy snacks and fun activities is a great way to spread knowledge amongst the children.
· Have your mayor or county judge proclaim EMS week in your city or county which will promote awareness to those in the area. 

The IAEP and NAGE EMS is proud of the work that is done by EMS professionals and we hope this upcoming EMS week celebrates those who keep our communities protected. We will continue to fight for your rights and safety as EMS professionals and will make sure you are never overlooked in this profession.

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