Jun 03, 2014

NAGE, Trial Court Sign Contract

On June 2, NAGE National President David J. Holway and Court Administrator Harry Spence signed a contract that will cover court security and probation personnel through June 30, 2017.
The three-year deal calls for 3% pay increases in each year of the contract, as well as: 
  • One-time cash payment for all accrued comp time over 50 hours
  • Improved language in comp time to allow opportunities for cash or comp time
  • Improved language in probation for POIIs—salary increase will now be on anniversary date, eliminating instances of POIIs having to work up to an entire year before their increases became effective
  • Increase of 115% in clothing allowance for court officers
President Holway noted the improvements in labor/management relations under Spence’s administration. “This is the second contract we’ve reached before the expiration of the old one,” said President Holway. “We’ve been able to make that progress because Administrator Spence understands that employees are part of the solution, unlike his predecessor.”
The executive boards of the probation and court security locals also attended the signing in the Adams Courthouse in Boston. You can see photos from the signing ceremony in the image gallery below. 

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The executive boards for probation and court security join NAGE National President David J. Holway and Court Administrator Harry Spence at the signing ceremony for NAGE's new three-year contract with the Trial Court.
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