May 12, 2015

NAGE Supports MBTA Workers at State House Rally [VIDEO]

NAGE leaders and members stood shoulder to shoulder with brothers and sisters from the unions from the MBTA at a rally across from the State House on May 11, shortly before a legislative hearing on Governor Charlie Baker’s proposed transportation overhaul bill.
The governor’s bill includes a provision that would suspend the “Pacheco Law,” the law requiring that any privatization proposal demonstrate a legitimate savings over providing the same service with public workers. The law was passed in 1993 after a series of privatizing scandals during the administration of Governor Bill Weld.
Opponents of the Baker proposal, including NAGE and other members of the labor community, note that the problems plaguing the MBTA during the winter of 2015 were failures of management, not front-line workers, and that punishing the people who know the most about keeping the system running is merely a smokesceen for attacking workers’ rights.
NAGE National President David J. Holway addressed the enthusiastic crowd on Boston Common before they went to meet lawmakers. Among his comments:
“Public employees get up every day and go fulfill their function. And the managers sit in their fat seats, with their fat checks and their fat pensions, and dictate how it is we’re going to deliver services. “
“A vast percentage of employees of the T are females with good middle-class jobs. A lot of people at the T are minorities with good middle-class jobs. What’s going to happen to everybody if he gets to privatize it? They’re going to be paying people $12 an hour to drive a bus. They’re going to ruin society. So let’s not let them do it.”

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