Feb 08, 2017

NAGE Supported California EMS Bill of Rights

California EMS Bill of Rights – You Can Help
This week the California State Assembly introduced an EMS Bill of Rights which includes the rights to rest and meal breaks, protections against on-duty assault and access to mental health care. Assemblyman Freddie Rodriguez, a long-time NAGE member and employee at AMR Los Angeles, introduced Assembly Bill 263 in an effort to help give EMS professionals a voice through legislation directly dealing with their rights in the workplace and the conditions in which they work. 

NAGE EMS’s public relations staff, attorneys, and union reps worked closely with the University of California Berkeley Labor Center throughout 2016 to research and collect industry data for their study: Emergency Medical Services in California: Wages, Working Conditions, and Industry Profile. This research, coupled with Assemblyman Rodriguez’s tireless efforts in the legislature, have thrust the challenges EMS professionals face every day onto center stage across California. It’s about time!

How can you help? 

Reach out to your representatives in the Assembly to support AB 263 and the establishment of a formal EMS Bill of Rights protecting EMS professionals across California. Involve your friends and your family, ask them to join you in voicing your support!
1. We urge you to call and e-mail your representative and voice your support for the Bill of Rights!  
Find your District’s Assemblyman contact information here:
2. Help NAGE spread the word about AB 263 and grow the support necessary to help NAGE EMS member and Assemblyman Rodriguez work with his fellow legislatures in passing a bill that adequately addresses the real concerns and workplace issues EMS professionals face on-the-job every day.
More information on how you can contact your legislature and support AB 263 will be posted on NAGE-EMS.org over the coming days. Follow us on Facebook by searching NAGEUNION and clicking ‘Like.’

We will continue to work hard for every EMS professional and will update you as the legislative process continues to move forward. This is a rare opportunity to join our voices together to make a difference for the entire EMS industry.  

Let your voice be heard and help make a difference for your union brothers and sisters!
NAGE EMS – Moving EMS Forward

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