Jul 01, 2014

NAGE Scholarship Winners Announced

The winners have been drawn in the 11th Annual NAGE Scholarship program.
Each year, NAGE awards fifty scholarships in the amount of $500 each through a lottery. Applicants must be attending or planning to attend a two- or four-year college, trade, or technical school to be eligible. Union members and their spouses, children, grandchildren, nieces/nephews, or significant others are eligible to apply. 

This year's winners:
Luis Almodovar, Local 731
Maxine Baker, Local 308
Kajsa Beatty, Unit 6
Jonathan Bianchi, Local 5000
Dustin Burkman, Local R12-77
Erica Chludzinski, Local 282
Katie Coleman, Local 282
Charli Crawford, Local R3-05
Tayler Darby, Local R14-09
Michael Darley, Local R5-136
Zachary Davis, Local 458
John Disessa, Local 207
Chelsea Draper, Local R13-09
Benjamin Droz, Local 207
Katelyn Elkins, Local 207
Samantha Finnegan, Local 292
Victoria Fitzpatrick, Unit 6
John P. Flaherty, Local 168
Matthew Flynn, Local 458
Shala Dominique Franklin, Local  5000
Nicholas Genung, Local R1-161
Nicholas Graham, Local R1-144
Automn Guyer, Local 207
Lacee Harper, Local VODD
Octavius Joquan Hayes, Local R5-136
Tyler Hemingway, Local NAGE C
William Hurley, Local 282
Amanda Johnson, Local 219
Adam Lauer, Local 26
Andrea Lavin, Local 495
Simone G. Lewis, Local R13-500
Michael R. Maine, Local R1-079
Jessica Martins, Local 282
Ryan McDonough, Local 308
Rebekah Medina, Unit 6
Tyler Olivera, Local 282
Lauren Peduto, Local 207
Abigail Pinto, Local 495
Emilie Reuther, Local R1-187
Pauline Russell, Local R1-33
Denzel Reyes, Local 282
Aditi Sharma, Local 282
Joseph Souza, Local 282
Francis Sternberg, Local R1-144
Michele Street, Local 551
Samantha Trott, Local 500
Barbara Westlund, Local R13-351
Andrew Wilczewski, Local 308
Liane Wong, Local 207

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