Sep 28, 2017

NAGE Responds to Pacheco Act Regulations Proposed by Auditor

In late August, Auditor Suzanne Bump’s office issued regulations related to the Taxpayer Protection Act, commonly known as the Pacheco Act.  On Thursday, September 14, NAGE Legislative Agent Jim Redmond testified at a public hearing on the proposed regulations and offered NAGE’s views and concerns.

NAGE is urging the Auditor to take a “slow and comprehensive” approach to the implementation of the regulations, which come roughly 25 years after passage of the Pacheco Act into law.  The timing of the proposed regulations, coming so long after implementation, has alone raised concerns and questions.

Notably, NAGE expressed concerns about the definition of a “public employee,” which was limited to “permanent employees.” NAGE believes this definition is too narrow.  Additionally, there is concern about a limited approach to quality comparisons that may unintentionally weaken the law.
At the outset of the hearing, the Auditor’s General Counsel explained that the comment period for the regulations would be extended by roughly 6 weeks, to October 31st.

Please check back for updates.  We will post as they become available.  

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