Jul 21, 2016

NAGE Requests Information from HRD Regarding ISIS Posting

NAGE leaders have requested information from HRD regarding the article in Monday’s Boston Globe stating that ISIS had released a list of state employee names.  We have been informed that there are roughly 256 names on the list and that they seem to have been randomly added and potentially hacked from a state system.  Additionally, ISIS posted names of employees from other states.  An investigation is ongoing by the Commonwealth as outlined in the attached memo sent from DOR Commissioner Heffernan to DOR employees today. see below
The agencies of the Commonwealth are in the process of contacting all state employees who have been named on the list.
It is NAGE’s top priority to protect the health and safety of our members and we will continue to look into this matter and obtain any information and update our members on the ongoing investigation.   Please feel free to contact your local president with any questions.  

Dear Colleagues, 
As recent media reports indicate, the names of individuals employed by state and county government were posted online allegedly by a terrorist organization. They are seemingly random and have been released targeting various groups of people in many states.  According to reports, 10 such lists have been posted since last March, including one in April that named 3,600 New Yorkers.
It has been reported to us by those agencies monitoring this situation that this is not a credible threat.  However, the safety of all state and county employees is a top priority and as a result state public safety officials are working with the FBI, Department of Homeland Security and other federal officials to closely monitor the situation. We are closely working with DCAMM for their guidance on worksite safety.
The administration notified any employee whose name appeared on the list.  If you have not  been contacted by now, then be assured your name was not on the list. 
The safety of employees is paramount and we will remain vigilant and cooperate with authorities through this process. Please be assured we have been informed this is not a credible threat.  We will provide updates to you as they become available.
Thank you,
Michael Heffernan
DOR Commissioner 

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