Nov 25, 2014

NAGE Reaches Agreement with OCP on Internet Policy

NAGE union officials met with members from OCM and OCP on November 24 to discuss the recently rolled out internet access policy for MA probation officers. As you know, over the past several weeks the union has been very vocal about its displeasure with the policy. Hundreds of probation officers were blocked from websites that they historically had access to and used regularly for work purposes. The new policy blocked local school, police department and health care facility websites that were used regularly. The OCP agreed to implement an internet policy giving our PO’s full internet access without restrictions (other than gambling or shopping websites, etc.). This policy has been approved by the Commissioner and the Trial Court Administrator and will be implemented by the IT department as soon as possible. We will continue to monitor the new policy roll out to ensure that all probation officers get the resources they need and deserve to do their jobs professionally and effectively. Thank you to all those who sent us examples of the problems with the policy. Your input helped immensely in being able arrive at this outcome. We will keep you updated with any further information.

Attached to this posting is a copy, for your reference, of the Trial Court internet policy dated February 26, 2010.   

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