Jul 02, 2014

NAGE Members in Executive Branch Units 1, 3 and 6 Ratify Contract

July 2, 2014 – NAGE members in Units 1, 3, and 6 voted overwhelmingly to ratify the tentative collective bargaining agreement reached with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts on June 20th. 

NAGE members sent a clear message with their vote of approval that they are, indeed, very satisfied with this collective bargaining agreement.  The results of the votes cast:
Unit 1:  97.5% voted in favor of ratifying the contract
Unit 3:  86% voted in favor of ratifying the contract
Unit 6:  97% voted in favor of ratifying the contract
Highlights include:
  • The agreement, beginning July 1, 2014, will give employees in Units 1, 3, and 6 a three percent raise next January, a three percent raise in October 2015, and a three percent raise in July 2016.
  • The first two raises include a guaranteed minimum annual raise of $1,700. Those raises would represent increases of up to 6% for lower paid employees in each of those two years.
  • The state will phase in a new tuition reimbursement program for NAGE members in the second and third years of the contract.
  • The state will also establish a funding mechanism to reimburse employees who must hold a professional license for their jobs, such as electricians and attorneys.
  • The state will increase the mileage reimbursement in the latter part of the contract, as well.
  • For the first time since 1984, TPL workers will get the same general raises as the other members of the bargaining units.
Click here to see the collective bargaining agreement


NAGE National President David J. Holway said, “This overwhelming vote of approval from our members speaks volumes. Our goal over 12 months of negotiations was to achieve the best economic package we could for our members, and we believe this agreement accomplishes that.”

“I want to thank everyone in our negotiating team for the fine work they did bringing our members this contract,” President Holway continued. “Our state presidents, the members who participated in negotiating sessions, and lead negotiator Kevin Preston did a tremendous job.”

Theresa McGoldrick, executive vice president, stated, “This contract also helps members who didn’t always get recognition from the Commonwealth for their unique circumstances. TPL members, for example, will finally get the general raises negotiated as part of the agreement, something we have been working on for many years.”

“Many of our members have seen their workloads increase dramatically in recent years,” said Greg Sorozan, president of Local 282 in Unit 6. “I think the economic package of this contract is an acknowledgement that the work our members do is vital and should be respected.”
John Mann, president of Local 292 in Unit 1, said “We keep hearing about an economic recovery, but for the people at the lower end of the pay scale, it doesn’t always feel like anything’s recovering. The guaranteed minimum raises in the first two years of this contract are big steps in the right direction for these workers and their families.”
“I think people are unaware of how many jobs require people to keep up licensing and education,” said Leo Munroe, president of Local 219 in Unit 3. “Helping the workers in these jobs with the costs of keeping their jobs is the right thing to do.”

“Negotiating a contract to cover almost 12,000 people in a wide variety of jobs is a complex task,” said Stephen Douglas, president of Unit 6 Local 308. “I’m truly impressed with level of attention and commitment the entire negotiating team demonstrated in making this contract a reality.”

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Members of the NAGE negotiating committee for Units 1, 3, and 6 gathered after they completed the tentative deal late in June. The contract was ratified on July 2.
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