Jun 05, 2019

NAGE Meets with Secretary of ANF Regarding MGL c. 175 PFLMA

NAGE National President David J. Holway and MA State leaders met with the Secretary of ANF last Friday, and expressed our concerns regarding the PFMLA.  NAGE advocated for the Administration to cover the costs for employees due to the economic impact on NAGE members.  The Secretary heard our concerns and was agreeable to continue discussions.

NAGE has actively advocated for an extension of the implementation to allow more time to negotiate the impact of the new law as well as a prohibition on the collection of contributions until an MOU is in place.  While NAGE will continue to pursue all legislative remedies during the bargaining process with the Administration, state leaders are actively discussing a possible 3 month delay on the tax collection portion of the law across the board.  To read about it please see the posts HERE and HERE.  

NAGE is writing to update our fellow members regarding the ongoing bargaining and information requested regarding the Paid Family and Medical Leave Act.  Additionally, we are writing to provide you the background on the FMLA, and the ongoing bargaining efforts by NAGE to protect our members interests in this matter.    The full-text MGL c. 175 can be viewed here.  The notice of benefits available under the law can be found HERE, and below.     

The Paid Family Medical Leave Act (PFMLA) takes effect on July 1, 2019 and requires employer/employee contributions for Paid Family and Medical Leave.  NAGE demanded to bargain over the passage of the law and the new Department of Family and Medical Leave agency in November 2018. At that time, NAGE was unaware whether the law pertained to NAGE members who have a collectively bargained leave package pursuant to their collective bargain agreement.  NAGE requested that if our members were not exempt, the Commonwealth pay the entire cost of the program.  The Commonwealth later notified NAGE that members would be subject to the PFMLA.  NAGE demanded to bargain again in March 2019 regarding the PFMLA and how it would affect NAGE members.  NAGE received a response to the demand to bargain April 29, 2019, stating that although the Commonwealth agrees to bargain it will adopt the maximum cap for contribution for employees impacting our NAGE members economically.  NAGE responded with a follow up response and further demand to bargain on April 30th.  
Since then, NAGE has met with the Commonwealth, MassDOT, and the Trial Court in bargaining sessions and has requested information regarding the PFMLA.  NAGE has serious concerns about the economic affects on our members and regarding the mechanics of the law and access to these benefits by our members.  Additionally, NAGE advocated for the legislature to adopt an amendment in late April to delay implementation until such time as bargaining over the PFMLA has been completed.  We are happy to report the amendment is on the move and appears to be gaining support.  To read more about it, please see the post in State House News HERE and HERE (available in PDF copy as well: State House News

NAGE National President David Holway and State leaders met with the Secretary of ANF last Friday and expressed our concerns regarding PFMLA. 

We will keep you posted. 

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