May 20, 2017

NAGE Local R1-32 Election Certification

Ballots for the election of NAGE Local R1-32’s Executive Board were cast and counted on Thursday, May 18, 2017 at the Edith Nourse Rogers VAMC in Bedford, Mass. The results are below.
                                                                                                                                       Number of Ballots
                                                                           Valid Ballots Counted:                    _________66_______
                                                                                             Void Ballots:                   ________________
                                                                                Challenged Ballots:                    __________3_____
                                                                                         Total Ballots Cast             _________69_______
President                                           Robert Michael DiGregorio            _________________
                                                            Thomas Kaveney                                ______ELECTED__
1st Vice President                            Eric Carbonnneau                               ______ELECTED__
                                                            Joanne McKenna                                 _________________
                                                            Andre Pare                                            _________________
2nd Vice President                           Benjamin T. Bartlett                          ______ELECTED___
                                                            Redger Simjay Hennah                      _________________
Treasurer                                         Linda O’Hagan                                     ______ELECTED__
               Executive Committee                    Chuck King                            _____ELECTED__
                      (Elect Three)
                                                                           Ryan McMorrow                    _________________
                                                                           Louise Thomas                         _____ELECTED___
                                                                           Timothy Westley                     _____ELECTED___
___Thomas Flynn                                                                                          5/18/2017__________
      (Election Officer)                                                                                    (Date)

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