Jan 14, 2015

NAGE Joins Watertown Firefighters, Allies Picketing for Contract

NAGE joined members of the Watertown, Massachusetts Professional Fire Fighters union and other allies in labor on an informational picket line outside Watertown Town Hall on January 13, 2015 to demand the town council approve a new contract. These firefighters have gone over five years without a contract.
NAGE / IBPO National President David J. Holway commented after the rally, “If they can do this to firefighters in Watertown, they can do this to our police officers across the state. We stand united with our sisters and brothers at PFFM in Watertown because we had to set a precedent and we know they would be there for us in similar circumstances.”
Firefighters had gone through bargaining and mediation before agreeing to a third-party arbitrator. That third party, the state’s Joint Labor Management Committee, issued a decision in November 2014. Town leaders reportedly admit they have the means to fund the contract, but the council voted to reject the deal.
In this video from Wicked Local Watertown, NAGE President David J. Holway can be heard telling the crowd of more than 200 supporters that the arrogant dismissal of the rights of working people is a “disease” and will spread, comments start at 1:17.
It’s a disease. If they can get away with this in Watertown, they’ll be able to get away with it in Cambridge. They’ll be able to get away with it in Belmont, and right across the state. We cannot allow this to happen. Stand with us!

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