May 08, 2017

NAGE Health and Wellness Information Day A Success!

The NAGE Health and Wellness Inforamtion days have been a success! 

NAGE Executive Vice President/Local 207 President Theresa McGoldrick has spearheaded an effort to inform NAGE state employees of benefits that NAGE provides. The first “NAGE Health and Wellness Day” was held at the MITC building in Chelsea. Over 350 NAGE members showed up and learned about all the benefits NAGE provides to our state members. The event was so successful that we held a second Health and Wellness day at the McCormack Building in Boston on January 31. The event, which lasted over 2 hours, attracted over 300 members who were excited to learn about all NAGE has to offer.  Additioinal events have been held at 1000 Washington St., the Hurley Building and Causeway St. in Boston.  Events were also held at Newport Ave. in Quincy, MA and Dwight St. in Springfield, MA.  

We are planning on continuing our health and wellness tour over the next several months and will keep members informed on where events will be held. If you are interested in learning more we encourage members to visit the Benefits section of our website. If you have any questions regarding your benefits please do not hesitate to contact your Local President, the Member Action Center (MAC) or the NAGE Health and Wellfare Trust Fund. Below are some of the incentives we advertised at the events.
  • Support
$1,000 to help with child care costs
Tuition Remission program
  • Prescriptions
Discounts on prescriptions and other health related items
  • Smoking Cessation
Smoking cessation programs for NAGE members
  • Diabetes Prevention
Diabetes prevention program for NAGE members
  • Stress Reduction
Stress management and reduction programs for NAGE members
  • Fitness
Enjoy $20 off a month from Boston Sports Clubs
  • Banking
NAGE members bank accounts and discount rates with Liberty Bay Credit Union
  • Insurance
Insurance policies at discounted rates with Colonial Life Insurance for NAGE members as well as NAGE wellness card health programs and discounts
  • Health and Wellness
NAGE negotiated benefits for optical, dental and other benefits for NAGE members
  • Discounts
Discounts for union members on countless products, services and programs, such as mortgages, cell phones and travel. We currently have 2 discount service plans with Union Plus and NAGE Benefits Hub

Theresa McGoldrick
Local 207 President
Greg Sorozan
Local 282 President
John Mann
Local 292 President
Leo Munroe
Local 219 President

Faren Woolery
Local 386 President

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