Aug 13, 2015


On August 13, 2015, NAGE and the Department of Veterans Affairs came to a final contract agreement after more than two years of negotiations.

“It took intense pressure from our leadership but it was worth it for our members at the VA.” said NAGE National President David J. Holway.

In a letter to President Obama earlier this week, President Holway had blunt words regarding the actions of VA Secretary Robert McDonald. The letter was published as a full-page ad in the Martha’s Vineyard Times while the president and his family are vacationing on the Vineyard. (Click here to see the ad.)

These persuasive tactics by President Holway undoubtedly encouraged VA negotiators to expedite the agreement so as to not risk involving the White House, which has made clear its support for organized labor.

In a meeting with Secretary McDonald last week, President Holway was told that the secretary was opposed to regional site agreements and that contracts should only be two pages long, to which President Holway replied, “I hope it’s really small print.”

President Holway also gave thanks to the negotiating team that gave so much of their time at a great sacrifice to their families.

The contract itself is not viewable by the public at this time, but will include site agreements—and will be longer than two pages. The parties are finalizing the details of the agreement and NAGE will inform you upon the contract’s release.

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